about us

Abu Dhabi had experienced exponential growth over the past 5-7 years. This has resulted in increased population and prosperity. The prosperity and growth however has resulted in increased rates of motor vehicle accidents, lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart disease, musculoskeletal disability and cerebrovascular disease. This has led to an increased burden on healthcare infrastructure.

There has been an increase in the acute care services and acute hospital beds; however this has not been matched with a corresponding enhancement of rehabilitation services. Individuals surviving severe conditions are often left with markedly compromised functional status needing permanent support from family and health care workers. Evidence suggests that well-coordinated and specialist rehabilitation services can reduce the length of stay, readmission rates and improve health outcomes, reduce the overall burden of disability on society.

With growing focus on improved quality of life and social interaction, rehabilitation has become a critical and essential need of the population both here and around the world. While there are several hospitals in the private sector offering either one or two of the rehabilitation streams, i.e physiotherapy or speech or occupational therapy, there is none providing comprehensive and/or specialized services, encompassing all of the above, where patients with simple or complex rehabilitation needs can undergo treatment provided by a multidisciplinary, specialist team of health care providers.

Burjeel Hospital is the largest private hospital in Abu Dhabi. Having established itself as a quality service provider within a very short time since inception, Burjeel is rapidly expanding all across the UAE and GCC. As part of this expansion, Burjeel are looking to improve the standards of rehabilitative medicine for people affected by neurological disorders. We would like to be the frontrunner for bringing about change in this area of healthcare. We believe that by setting up the right service with the support of the Health Authority Abu Dhabi and Insurance providers, the UAE can not only cater for the rehabilitative needs of the local community, but be a place chosen by international tourists to receive first class recovery from their neurological pathology.