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Mrs. Ruani is a 48-year old female and mother of a lovely 6-year old son who always accompanies her to the hospital

Dhammika Ruani Makalanda

Mrs. Ruani is a 48-year old female and mother of a lovely 6-year old son who always accompanies her to the hospital along with his father, husband of Mrs. Ruani.

Mrs. Ruani has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer in January 2016. Her first visit was with Prof. Dr. Tahar Benhidjeb, Chairman of Surgery and Deputy Medical Director in Burjeel Hospital, where the Patient presented with a painless breast lump which she had noticed herself. "The majority of malignant changes in the breast are noticed by women themselves, either by chance during showering or creaming or during breast self-examination", said Prof. Tahar Benhidjeb.

"I was very upset and nervous, but Dr Tahar was incredibly kind and positive. He explained everything to me and answered all my questions patiently. He gave me a lot of encouragement which made me feel at ease", said Mrs. Ruani.

Mrs. Ruani underwent an ultrasound of the breast (a non-invasive diagnostic imaging procedure) followed by a biopsy of the mass (small invasive procedure which confirmed the diagnosis of a malignant tumour. Mrs. Ruani underwent a full body staging to check whether the tumour had spread to any other parts of the body which was – fortunately not the case. "If the tumour is localized and did not spread into other parts of the body, surgery plays the most important role during breast cancer treatment" said Prof. Tahar Benhidjeb. "I was relieved when I heard the disease was at least localized", Mrs. Ruani added.

After the surgery has been performed successfully by Prof. Dr. Tahar Benhidjeb in February 2016 it has been confirmed that the tumour has spread into some of the adjacent lymphnodes.

"This is the time were the Oncologist plays an important role", said Dr. Norbert Dreier, Consultant Oncology in Burjeel Oncology Center and added, "breast cancer is a systemic disease and needs Chemotherapy in all cases were any risk factors exist e.g. young age, lymphnode positivity and hormonal receptor positivity".

"I was very distraught and did not want to do chemo since I had heard of the various side effects. Dr. Norbert was very patient and asked me to take my time to think about it. He explained that with modern medicine the side effects are not so bad and that he would give me the latest drugs", said Mrs. Ruani.

Mrs. Ruani is currently under ongoing Chemotherapy with us which has been started in March 2016.
"The staff at the oncology center has been very kind and helpful. They made me feel special whenever I was there. This includes the doctors, the nurses and administration staff. I will be forever grateful to them", Mrs. Ruani said.