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We believe that the reputation of a hospital is built on the quality of medical care provided. Hence, stringent standards are in place to recruit world-class medical personnel. Our panel of highly qualified doctors has trained extensively in the field of oncology in leading hospitals around the world and possesses internationally recognized degrees from Europe, US and other continents. Our nurses and other support staff of clinicians have been hand-picked for the oncology team due to their high level of skills and extensive experience in the field of Oncology.

The Department of Oncology at Burjeel Hospital combines the medical expertise of multidisciplinary doctors and nurses with state-of-the-art diagnostics, technology as well as innovative strength to provide our guests with the very best-in-class treatments. Led by senior consultant Dr Norbert W. Dreier, a team of specialists review every case together to formulate, plan and organize an interdisciplinary treatment that is personalized and effective for each guest.

Dr. Thanda Lucy Ann Joshua Specialist – Medical Oncology
Dr. Norbert W Dreier Consultant - Oncology
Dr.Urfan Ul Haq consultant - medical oncology